Pamela Darlington School of Dance fully recognises its responsibilities for child protection.

Professional Competence

  • We aim to do our best in every situation
  • We have the necessary range of skills, knowledge and experience to undertake the work we do
  • We are honest and open about our professional experience and qualifications
  • We do not accept dance positions for which we know we are not sufficiently experienced, competent or qualified
  • We approach our work with due skill, care and proper regard for technical and professional standards expected of us
  • We are committed to investing in our own professional development, to ensure the quality and uphold the standards of the dance profession
  • We monitor, evaluate and reflect on our own work constantly
  • We maintain a current and working knowledge of developments in practice, training, legislation and agendas that affect and/or inform our work

Professional Responsibilty

  • We make sure we have adequate and appropriate insurance cover and professional licenses in place to carry out our work
  • We ensure we comply with all the statutory requirements for running a business
  • We aim to behave with integrity in all professional and business relationships, practising honestly, fairly, objectively, consistently and with courtesy
  • We maintain effective communication and work in a collaborative manner
  • We prepare thoroughly with necessary research to understand and agree the parameters of our work
  • We charge appropriately to reflect the extent and quality of the work we do and the continuing professional development we undertake
  • We ensure anyone who covers our work in our absence has the appropriate levels of competence to run the lesson effectively and is adequately prepared for the context and the participants they are working with.
  • We ensure that our appearance and behaviour are suitable for the context we are working in
  • We ensure we are clear about our process, practice and delivery as a dance professional, so we can always account for what we do, when, how and why
  • We are to behave in a way the warrants the trust and confidence placed in us by our participants and clearly communicating the purpose, content and intended outcome of sessions/work programmes

Maintaing Safe Working Practice

  • We work within the required health and safety legislation and maintain an up-to-date understanding of professional responsibilities and liability in relation to the work we do
  • We make sure the dance activities we lead are in line with current good practice and safe dance practice guidelines
  • We understand we have a responsibility to act in the best interests of participants physical and mental well being
  • We maintain an up-to-date health and safety policy
  • We understand risk assessments for all dance sessions and manage risks accordingly
  • We ensure nothing in our control is of detriment to participants health, safety and well-being
  • We do not take on or continue with work that we cannot do safely
  • We make sure the activities we lead are suitable for the age, experience and ability of the participants involved
  • We are aware of and take responsibility for our own well-being and support participants to take responsibility for their behaviour and relationships with others

Working with people

  • We are committed to the principals of equal opportunities and human rights and believe everyone has the right to be treated with dignity
  • We make sure nothing we do discriminates on the grounds of race, gender, sexuality, domestic circumstances, social origin or other status
  • We work in an open and sensitive manner to create an inclusive and positive environment
  • We actively discourage inappropriate behaviour and challenge all forms of unfairness when leading a dance session
  • We use inclusive language that can be understood by all participants
  • We are sensitive to both group and individual dynamics
  • We strive to inspire and motivate participants through the dance activities we undertake
  • We understand we should act as a positive role model for participants in terms of health, safety, respect and that we should not engage in any behaviour that adversely affects the participants


  • We are aware and adhere to current data protection legislation
  • We undertake the necessary monitoring, record keeping and reporting around issues of consent and confidentiality
  • We make sure that any confidential information that we obtain in the course of our professional work is not used to our advantage and we would not disclose any confidential information without the consent of the participant, except where there is a legal right or duty to disclose

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