Musical Theatre Classes

Introducing our Musical Theatre Classes

Pamela Darlington School of Dance is delighted to introduce to you the new Bbodance Musical Theatre Syllabus. Running alongside the dance school – Musical Theatre offers a combination of singing, dancing & drama.

Musical Theatre classes are taken by Rebecca Old.

Question: What is Musical Theatre?
Answer: It is theatre enhanced and accompanied by the use of music – it is not a singing, dancing or acting lesson.

Musical Theatre Classes

Our Musical Theatre classes now follow the new and exciting bbodance syllabus and exams will be offered, although not compulsory, we are thrilled to introduce this genre of dance and performance into our school.


To foster, encourage and develop an interest in all forms of theatre.

To enforce the theory that there is nothing behind the closed door, but riches for the taking, once the door has been opened.

To build confidence in the individual pupil.

To explore and develop the varying talents of the individual pupil.

To demonstrate how the whole is incomplete without the parts and that everyone is important with everything.

To develop an acceptance and appreciation of other peoples talents and capabilities.

To develop a sense of awareness.

To develop self control and self discipline.

To develop a sense of commitment.

To develop leadership qualities.

To develop a healthy attitude to competition.

Getting Involved

Musical Theatre Classes are held weekly

Junior Musical Theatre – 7 to 12 years 

Tuesdays – 6.00 to 6.45

Senior Musical Theatre

Thursdays – 6.00 to 6.45 ages 13 years and above

To get involved or for more information,

Please contact Pamela Darlington:

+44 (0) 1637 876 853
+44 (0) 7850 463 524
[email protected]

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