Early Dance training at Pamela Darlington School of Dance.

Children are invited from 2 years of age to attend our classes, at this age dancers can take part in our Cygnets class. This class is mainly ballet based but commences with 10 minutes of tap dancing to give an insight into musicality and co-ordination. Parents/guardians are encouraged to stay in the dance studio to help the children feel secure and confident during this lesson – all other lessons parents/guardians are invited to wait outside the dance studio.

Classes are held in a fun environment with a disciplined and playful approach, helping children to develop their skills through mime, musicality and expressive movement.

Once children are proficient and confident at this level they are encouraged to take assessments with the British Ballet Organisation (bbodance) in Ballet, Tap, Musical Theatre, Contemporary and Modern.

We strongly encourage children to participate in all the  subjects of dance, on offer at the Pamela Darlington School of Dance, as they are complimentary to each other and enable the child to develop to their full potential.

Full examinations, under the umbrella of the bbodance continue in all five genres of dance: Ballet, Tap, Contemporary, Musical Theatre and Modern.


From 2 years of age children can join the Cygnets Ballet & Tap Class, and early lessons are conducted with the help of teddy bears, tambourines and scarves.

An assessment is taken when the children are 4/5 years of age and they then follow the exams with the B.B.O. from Pre Primary up to and including Advanced level. Older children are also encouraged to commence classes and will be graded accordingly.


A more energetic lesson, using the latest music, so enjoyed by the students. More structured than a disco lesson, it incorporates stretching and flexibility exercises, along with newly choreographed routines to suit each age group. B.B.O. exams are available from 5 years of age, Pre Primary through to Advanced level.

Often pupils commence modern at a later age and will then be put into a class in keeping with their age and ability.


Children enjoy a class using traditional rhythmical tunes and are encouraged to appreciate musicality that will see them through their whole dancing life.

Exams are taken from 5 years of age, Pre Primary through to Advanced level. Children can be accepted from a later age and will be graded accordingly.


An exciting combination of dance, drama & song to be examined by bbodance. Available for all ages and abilities – energy and enthusiasm required for all grades! Enjoy exercises and amalgamations from musicals Oliver, Annie, Little Mermaid, Chorus Line, Mary Poppins……..to name just a few.


The latest syllabus to be introduced by Bbodance – Contemporary Dance is a fast growing genre of Dance and encourages individuality and expressive movements, beautiful to watch especially when it is shown with strong classical technique. We are giving our students the opportunity to experience this class, upto half term, at no cost – after this time normal terms fees will be charged – definitely worth a try!

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